Evaluation – Question 6 (how does your media product represent particular social groups?) 

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Looking at how we represented the protagonist in our opening scene, the girl is very spiteful towards her mum ‘I don’t hate my mum… But well I do’ shows the tension/hatred towards her mum for being forced to do dance, which is represented in a harsh mean way, as the audience sees only teenage girls and our target audience is teenage girls, the protagonist is shown to be a teenager. But looking more in depth to it, we are looking at teenage amateur dancers, who are shown to be delicate in their dance, with the gentle and beautiful dances we see visually, but we wear the speaker speak harsh words about dancing, implying this is not what she wants to do at all, ungrateful her mum is wanting her to do the sport. Not only this she goes on to say dance isn’t just about the dancing but about ‘having that look’ (said in the voice-over), this represents dancers as being vain about themselves and others. There is two social groups which are represented in this 2 minute piece, mothers are represented as being pushy, ‘living their lives through’ their daughters, this shows mothers negatively because of the speaker is being very harsh towards mothers as a group!207_leutwyler_cd-696x1024

Because the opening scene is meant to show what it is actually like to be a dancer and how from a young age girls are thrown into dance and supposed to proceed into young adulthood still dancing, without much choice, we decided to show a harsh frustrate teenage girl who has been forced to dance. This meant we had to show negative light on the character because of her age and how she is represented to be unappreciative and resentful toward her mum. As the character is representing dancers in this opening scene we only witness the mean side of this character which means we assume this character is ungrateful and bratty. But this scene doesn’t show all of the character, we could find out later on in the movie that the character wishes to pursue another career and her mum refuses to support her passion. We do not know enough about this character but assume because the dancer is very horrible and spiteful that all the dancers are like this as they are teenage girls and that is the stereotype for teen girls.

Main Task – Sound

Once we decided to change the feel towards the opening scene, adding a harsh voice over to contradict the stereotypes about dancers. This means we had to change the music for that we had decided on, though this means more research we feel like it will add to the narrative. We will be looking at music that is a lot like Whiplash, having a hard and harsh music to compliment the voice over.